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Canoeing / Rafting

Canoeing / Rafting

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Found in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, the Dalaman and Eşen Streams are the best places for these adrenaline-filled water sports.

By canoe;

After a short training session on Eşen Stream you embark on the journey downstream, accompanied by licensed instructors and guides, paddling with the current all the way to the 18 km long world-famed Patara beach. The course is approximately 15 km long and takes around 6 hours to complete. During the course you will stop for swimming, a natural mud bath and lunch. To ensure safety training procedures are rigorously followed and safety equipment is provided.

Br Raft;

Dalaman Stream with a stronger current awaits adventure enthusiasts for an amazing rafting experience. This course starts on calmer waters to allow time for practise before heading further downstream towards the rapids. The Dalaman river is graded 3-4 for difficulty and only guests who can swim are able to take this 14 km journey. The route passes through striking canyons and stunning natural scenery with 8 waterfalls in total. Included in this trip is transport to location, equipment, insurance and lunch.

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