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Kalkan Public & Nearby Beaches post image
Kalkan Public & Nearby Beaches

Kalkan ‘Local’ Beach Awarded blue flag for cleanliness, this pebble beach is found at the end of the charming harbour walk-way. This beach boasts a picturesque view of the islands and Kal...

Patara World Heritage Site & Beach post image
Patara World Heritage Site & Beach

Lycian History Patara was the major naval and trading port of Lycia, located at the mouth of the Xanthos River, until it silted up and turned into a malaria-plagued marsh. Patara was a ve...

Myra (Demre) Ancient City  post image
Myra (Demre) Ancient City

Myra was a leading city of the Lycian Union and surpassed Xanthos in early Byzantine times to become the capital city of Lycia.  Its remains are situated about 1.5 km north of today's D...

Kaputaş Beach post image
Kaputaş Beach

Kaputaş Beach This breathtaking beach (22 km away from Patara along the coastal road) is becoming one of the most photographed beaches in Turkey due to it’s azure waters and golden sands....

İslamlar Village (Bodamya) post image
İslamlar Village (Bodamya)

Islamlar village (Bodamya or Bodamia in Greek times) is a wonderfully lush area in the Taurus Mountains above the town of Kalkan; the local industries are olive growing and growing grap...

Ancient Lycian Walk Way post image
Ancient Lycian Walk Way

Turkey's first long-distance hiking trail, the Lycian way, boasts 540 Kilometers of European standard way-marked trail. It roughly follows the shape of the coastline between Fethiye and Anta...

Kekova Sunken City  post image
Kekova Sunken City

Kekova is not only known for its gorgeous turquoise sea but also its ancient and mysterious sunken city. Every summer, visitors arrive on Gulet tours to look out over the water to see t...

Bezirgan Village post image
Bezirgan Village

Kalkan is located only 17 kilometers away from the beautiful yayla (high mountain valley) village of Bezirgan, elevation 700 metres. Historically, many locals of Kalkan have owned land both ...

Kalkan Beach Clubs post image
Kalkan Beach Clubs

Indigo Beach Club Indigo beach club is located on the far side of Kalkan harbour and is home to Kalkan’s excellent watersports company Aristos. They have their main platform at Indigo alt...

Fethiye Town post image
Fethiye Town

The vibrant city of  Fethiye is located in the heart of the Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coast. This ancient city, once named Telmessos, was the most important city of Lycia wit...

Ölüdeniz Resort post image
Ölüdeniz Resort

Ölüdeniz is located on the South-Western coast of Turkey at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. A  very long coastline scattered with numerous sandy beaches and tiny coves along with it’s...

Butterfly Valley post image
Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley Situated in an isolated bay just around the corner from the stunning Blue Lagoon and Bay of Oludeniz, is the beautiful Butterfly Valley. Sandwiched between sheer cliff fa...

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