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Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey, and one of the oldest settlements of the Mediterranean basin.Home to many histrical sites, as well as shopping malls and restaurants- it is family friendly and sure to please.

The modern name Izmir is the Turkish rendering of the original Greek name Smyrna,  since the city was founded by Greeks. It was referred to this in English until the 20th century. The Turks first captured Smyrna under the Selçuk commander Çaka Bey in 1076, along with a number of the Aegean Islands. It was then used as a base for naval operations.

İzmir prides itself with its busy schedule of trade fairs and exhibitions. These fairs and the festivals are held in the compound of İzmir's vast inner city park named kültürpark (Culture Park) in the first days of September, and organized by İZFAŞ, a depending company of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

İzmir's cuisine has largely been affected by its multicultural history, hence the large variety of food originating from the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. The ground in Izmir is generally large and fertile so helps to produce a rich selection of vegetables that are considerably used in local dishes. 

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