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Datça is a quiet seaside town located 75km from Marmaris.It is based at the intersection of the Aegean and Meditteranean sea. Datça is surrounded by the sea on three sides and is home to approximately 52 bays along the peninsula. The Hisarönu gulf is located in the south and the Gökova gulf in the north. The Marmaris- Datça road offers beautiful scenery  to enjoy along the way and it is highly reccomended to take on your journey. Datça is famous for it's fish and fresh vegetables and array of fruits in the summer- as well as attracting divers for it's ideal underwater environment.

A vast number of beaches are available in Datça and it's surrounding areas. As well as this you are able to swim the whole length of the 15km coast from Marmaris to Datça. Some beaches in the region hold blue flag status.

Gebekum is famous for its seven kilometers of sandy beach, located four kilometers from Datça. The beach is expanding every year due to the natural activity on the beach. The shallow waters in the region also provide the opportunity to walk to the surrounding islands from the sea.

Kizlan Village is also another site many visitors enjoy seeing. It is based eight kilometers from Datça and is famous for its mills. Datça's most windy region.

Kargı Bay is three kilometers from Datça. The sea in this region is well worth seeing. There are several restaurants along the beach. It is also possible to reach here from Datça by minibus.

Pig Cove is a very calm and peaceful place. It has an ideal environment for those who love a quiet holiday. There are bungalow facilities in the region. The environment is also ideal for nature walks. There are interesting rocks and caves formed by natural formation around the bay. The sea in the region is very calm, beautiful and the Greek islands on the opposite side are visible.

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